4-Head Vacuum Bottle Filler

2/4-Head Vacuum Bottle Filler

Ultrafiller Vacuum Bottle Filler is constructed entirely of Stainless Steel and it is outfitted with two or four high-efficiency and highly accurate Stainless Steel filling nozzles.
When placing the bottle under the ULTRAFILLER 2 or ULTRAFILLER 4 Vacuum Bottle Filler, the fluid is drawn by the vacuum created inside it, without any contact between the liquid and pumps or mechanical components.
ULTRAFILLER 4 fills over 600 bottles an hour and ULTRAFILLER 2 about 400 bottles, in perfect hygienic conditions and with no liquid spillage. The filling level is adjustable; once selected, it automatically fills the bottle to the desired level. In addition, the liquid source tank can be placed up to 4 meters below the unit. We sell the Mignon Kit separately from the ULTRAFILLER2 filling machine, allowing you to adapt the machine to your filling needs. Or we can also provide the ULTRAFILLER mignon filling machine already assembled..

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Vacuum Bottle Fillers Technical Features

Vacuum Bottle Filler specifications

Bottle Specifications

•  Neck Diameter: From 8,5 up to 35 mm
•  Bottle Height: From 100 up to 350 mm

Vacuum Bottle Filler Features

• Adjustable filling level with automatic stop
• Up to 600/400 bottles per hour
• Compact design
• Stainless Steel base, frame and nozzles
• Replaceable nozzles
• Gas spring comfortable height adjustment
• Vacuum gauge
• Recovery tank air filtration system for long vacuum pump life
• Completely accessible and cleanable liquid system

Vacuum Bottle Filler Available Options

•  Mignon bottling heads (for smaller bottles) with 8 -15 mm openings
•  Filtration system